Group Photos Made Easy

Offering group pictures in a quick, easy, and safe manner is key in volume photography. That’s where our software QuickComposite comes in, enabling you to produce group photos in seconds.

Simple and easy workflow

Quick Composite is a simple and efficient software for providing group photos, meaning you can focus on your photography and making sales.

Great product to offer existing and new accounts

Schools and families still want group photos this year, so fulfill their requirements in a safe and contactless manner

Works seamlessly with GotPhoto

Export the student data (if using a names list), select your theme, drag and drop your photos and import your composite back into GotPhoto. It’s that easy!


Quick Composite licenses are available for just $149 a year.
The demo software is free and fully functional, the generated output images will show a watermark.
Download the fully functional demo software.

Support and more information

For more information go to our partner