QSuite / QComposite Alpha2 – the new enhanced QuickComposite

  • improved: more parameters for composite aligning
  • new: easy mode

QMate v1.09

  • improved: more stable im- and export on internet/server problems
  • new: when clicking „view log“ an extensive log report is saved to disk to help identify connection problems

QMate v1.08

  • fixed: license dialog sometimes does not appear

QMate v1.07

  • new: memory mate / non memory mate swith in template section
  • improved: up- and download speed
  • improved: up- and download stability
  • new: automatic up- and download retry mechanism, should automatically reconnect after connection was lost
  • improved: all dialogs can now be confirmed with enter and cancelled with escape key
  • improved: dialog in page settings
  • fixed: sometimes older templates did not load
  • fixex: AutoCrop
  • new: monochrome effect

QMate v1.04

  • new: Export: file name suffix for exported images is now „_MM“, gp will recognize this as a composite. Important: if you already exported images with QMate versions before v1.04 to gp, you should not import images into v1.04 because v1.04 will also import the composites. Before using v1.04 on this job you have to delete the exported composites in gp. If you did not export images you can use v1.04 for jobs created with 1.02 and earlier.
  • new: Preview: the save image button is visible in preview mode and exports a single image to the export folder. You can upload this image manually to gp.

QMate v1.02, QIDCard v1.0

  • fixed: issue with jobs that contain special characters (commas), job selection did not work properly
  • fixed: issue in designer placeholdder list, GroupPhoto4 was displayed instead of GroupPhoto2

QIDCard v1.9:

  • all improvements of QMate v1.04 to v1.09 are included
  • new: idcards can be uploaded to gotphoto like in QMate
  • change: the export album name in flat mode changed from „QIDCard“ to „IDCard“

QIDCard v1.0:

  • fixed: if more than one indexphoto is defined for an individual, now a dialog is shown to select if the first or the last indexphoto should be imported